GLORY HAUS Wood Base for Toppers - Black

GLORY HAUS Wood Base for Toppers - Black

Glory Haus


Looking for a versatile way to decorate for every season and special occasion? Our wood base for toppers allows you to easily switch out unique toppers for a fresh look. Whatever the occasion may be, decorate your home with one of our toppers on the black stand. This stand will go with any décor and give the room a vintage feel.

This wood base, along with our welcome boards, can be customized with our entire collection ofinterchangebale topperswe offer for seasonal and everyday use! 

  • Original Design
  • Dimensions: 5.5" x 7.5"
  • Each of our toppers fits within stands making for easy decoration for any season!
  • Stands are sold separately from the interchangeable toppers.

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