Fresh Bowl 48oz. - Forest

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Enjoy the freedom to eat fresh & live healthy - on your terms - with our 48 oz FRESH BOWL. The spill-proof lid makes it perfect for fresh meals & snacks on-the-go - HOT or COLD.

📣 🥗 ❤️ Calling all salad lovers out there, this is the perfect bowl to MAKE, SHAKE, & ENJOY - wherever your day takes you, keeping your salad fresh & crisp for hours!


  • Perfect for: Fresh meals & snacks, active & busy lifestyles, meal planning, leftovers, outdoor & adventure, serving & entertaining, nutritional requirements, and so much more!
  • Keeps food HOT / COLD for hours (Up to 4HR HOT / 8HR COLD).
  • Constructed with double wall - food grade stainless steel (304 SS)
  • Vacuum Insulated for greater temperature control and sweat free performance
  • Patented, Spill Proof Lid creates air-tight seal - pressing air out for ultimate freshness!
  • Sleek angles for easy eating, sharing, cleaning, and more.
  • 40oz (lid on) 48oz (off)
  • 304 Food-Grade Stainless Steel
  • PP (BPA & Phthalates Free)
  • Opening diameter: 7"
  • Bottom of bowl: 5"
  • Height: 4"
  • Weight: 21oz
    • 1.5 will keep contents hot UP TO 4 hours, so check out these tricks to get the most out of your 1.5.
    • 1. Fill it up. The more food in the RIGWA the better as it cuts down on cooler “air space”.
    • Example: Soup or oatmeal filled closer to the top will stay hot much longer than if filled half way.
    • Tips:
    • If RIGWA 1.5 is too large, check out 1.5 Inserts or our PINT fresh and PINT go models coming soon!
    • 2. Food density is key. Cutting out any air space between food helps retain temps longer.
    • Example: Oatmeal, Pasta, Soup / Stew retain temps much longer than a chicken leg and loose veggies.
    • 3. Priming never hurts. Not necessary, but many customers like to “prime” their RIGWA with warm / hot water prior to putting hot foods inside.
    • Example: Fill your RIGWA with hot water and let sit for 30 seconds or so. Empty water from RIGWA and then fill with your food.
    • 4. Keep the lid on. Each time the lid is removed, significant heat is released.
    • 5. Storage temps. Its a beautiful day out… or is it? Although RIGWA 1.5 is double wall and vacuum insulated, keeping your RIGWA in very cold temps will reduce the amount of time it will retain heat.